An Urban Wedding at The Guild in Kansas City, Missouri

With their sizable 230-person guest list in mind, Elaine Bishop (29 and a foreign trade zone specialist) and Joseph Boch (28 and works in motor sales) planned the ultimate fall celebration. Guests received a custom comic book inviting them to the affair, where copper accents, wood signs and tufts of greenery spruced up the massive, 5,000-square-foot ceremony space. “The comic book’s storyline was based off of Point Break—the first movie we watched together,” Joe says. “Most of our guests didn’t pick up on the reference, but Elaine and I laugh a lot at each other, so our invitations were just another inside joke.” A wood platform served as the stage during the couple’s vows in The Guild’s outdoor garden.
“A late-night food truck was essential,” Elaine says. “The food gave everyone an excuse to break from dancing to eat Kansas City’s best street tacos.” Additional treats included mid-party popsicles, miniature cheesecakes and a seafood station to celebrate the groom’s Boston roots.