An Urban Wedding in New York City, NY

Alicia approached Erik during a Columbia rugby tournament and asked him about the rules of tackling. Erik replied with a simple, “I don’t know,” and walked away. Alicia assumed he wasn’t interested and moved on. Time passed and the best party of the school year rolled around; some drink spillage finally got the two talking and they began to date. Two years later, the couple took a Summer road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Alicia’s hometown, when Alicia asked Erik if he was ever going to propose. He said it would be before Christmas. The Bride Alicia Thomas, 34, a data strategy director The Groom Erik Ulin, 34, the director at a finance consulting firm The Date September 12 A few days later on the trip, the two drove up to the top of a gorgeous mountain vista, and Erik said he wanted to get out of the car and take a picture. Instead he dropped to one knee and asked Alicia for her hand in marriage. The two worked with a planner to transform an all-white loft into the perfect urban wedding venue.