Angela & Christopher: An Outdoor Wedding in Leavenworth, WA

Angela Chao and Christopher Kilmer barely knew each other when they headed off together for an eight-day climbing trip at Idaho's City of Rocks, a natural granite formation of tall rock spires. The two had met in a mountaineering-oriented first-aid class they were required to take for climbing courses they were involved in, and they both had visited a climbing gym together a few times. So when Chris was looking for a partner to go on the City of Rocks trip, Angela, full of new climber's enthusiasm, jumped at the chance. THE BRIDE Angela Chao THE GROOM Christopher Kilmer THE DATE May 11 As the two chatted in the car on their drive to Idaho, they talked about how they were about to spend eight days largely alone together. We joked that by the time the trip was over, we would either love each other or hate each other, says Angela. By the time we came back, we were falling in love. Six months later, they were engaged to be married.