Angela & Peter: A Cultural Wedding in Seattle, WA

When Angela Celio started work on the same day as Peter Doyle (both as graduate student research assistants at San Diego State University), it was more than a chance meeting. Partnership in the lab soon became friendship, which snowballed into romance. After destiny brought them both to Chicago independently a few years later, they knew it was meant to be: They had clearly achieved a great love. The Bride Angela, 31, clinical psychologist The Groom Peter, 32, PhD student The Date August 13 When Peter proposed, it was inside the Catholic church in Chicago to which they both belonged. The moment was a particularly opportune one: The organist was there practicing for mass, and the church was lit only by votive candles. Peter gave Angela a traditional Irish Claddagh ring with a diamond and emerald–encrusted band, handcrafted in Dublin.