Anna & Michael: And Outdoor Wedding in Rochester, MI

Baseball and beer, that's all it takes to win this couple's hearts, at least for sports fans Anna and Michael. They were introduced by Anna's friend at a Detroit Tigers' game in 2005. The Bride Anna Lee, 30, creative manager The Groom Michael Versaci, 33, restaurant owner/operator The Date June 28 A few years later, when Michael decided to propose, he had a great plan -- Michael was going to pop the question right before they took a trip up north for the weekend. Unfortunately, he was running late because the ring wasn't quite ready. So, he waited outside the jewelry store in his car with an envelope full of cash and the couple’s dog, Lucy, all the while dodging Anna's where-are-you-already? phone calls. Finally, when Michael arrived home, Lucy (with the ring around her collar) ran upstairs to greet Anna. Just then, Michael came upstairs holding flowers.