Annie & Jesse: A Traditional Wedding in Los Angeles, CA

Although Annie and Jesse saw each other every Sunday at mass, it took some extra help for the two to get together. Annie and Jesse were finally introduced through their priest. “After much interrogation from Father Joe, I found out that Jesse was single and lived nearby,” Annie says. When Jesse and Annie had their first dinner date, the two found out they had a lot in common, including the same taste in dessert. “I loved the Nutella pizza that Jesse ordered,” Annie says, and with that sweet beginning the couple’s relationship grew. The Bride Annie Alejo, marketing manager The Groom Jesse Dang, manager The Date July 1 A year-and-a-half later, the couple took a trip back to the restaurant where they’d had their first date to satisfy Jesse’s sudden desire for that Nutella dessert pizza. Once there, Jesse dropped to one knee and proposed. “After a pause and a few gasps of disbelief, she said yes!” Jesse says.