Aristea & Enzo: An Urban Wedding in New York, NY

While their wedding felt magical, there's also the magic of the movies behind Aristea and Enzo's relationship. What started as a simple introduction eventually blossomed into an engagement, and continued with a celebration that all would agree is a true romance. The Bride Aristea Zaharopoulos The Groom Vincenzo (Enzo) DiTommaso The Date September 3 Not every bride and groom wait ten years to get engaged, but then again, not every man and woman marry the person they started dating at 16. Such was the case for Aristea, 28, who helps run her family's business, and Enzo, 30, who owns two New York City restaurants. Their first date: they saw the movie True Romance. That's romantic enough, but Aristea's first memory of her husband was when she was just five years old. They grew up in the same neighborhood in Queens, and Aristea remembers playing in front of her house when this boy on a bike stopped and said hi to me. I asked him to do a trick on his bike, which he did. I then asked his name and he said 'Enzo.' To celebrate their 10-year anniversary as a couple, the couple went to the fabulous restaurant Nobu in New York City. While taking an after-sushi stroll, Enzo asked Aristea to stop a moment so he could tie his shoe. At this point, Aristea thought something was strange because his shoes had no laces. But before she could voice her suspicions, Enzo pulled a ring out of his sock and proposed. They soon began planning their chic, pink city celebration brimming with cultural traditions.