Bar Rentals

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Bar With Built-In Flower Box With Pastel Flowers in Front, Arrangement on Top

Dessert Bar With Custom Decor, Mustard Velvet Linens, Chandelier With Greenery

Colorful Orange Lounge Seating at Wedding Cocktail Hour

Rattan Bar With Woven Chandeliers

Bridesmaids in Pajamas at Wedding Party Sleepover

Bridesmaids Using Vespa Bar at Wedding Party Sleepover

Cocktail Hour Lounge Vignette, Sofa and Plush Chairs, Rug, Coffee Tables and Gold Details in Garden

Custom Bar With Goldfish Tank

Modern Shelving Bar-Back Install With Pastel Flowers, Figurines and Plants

Boba Bar With Custom Bubble Tea

Custom Hand-Painted Floral Bar With Calligraphy, Coral

Outdoor Bar With Ralph Lauren-Inspired Print, Tall Jewel Tone Flower Arrangements on Garden Lawn

Bride Holding Gold Pineapple Cocktail Glass

Cocktail Hour Bar at Goodstone Inn in Middleburg, Virginia

Bride Sits on Top of Outdoor Bar at Hawaii Wedding, Poses With Couple Glass

Mod Retro Custom Orange Bar

Black Outdoor Bar With Neon Sign in Garden Under String Lights, Melted Disco Balls

An Art Deco Themed Champagne Wall With Flowers and Traditional Jewish Toast "L'Chaim"

Green Bar at Backyard Wedding

Custom Bar Off Dance Floor With Low Floral Arrangement

Speciality Vespa Drink Bar

Transparent Bar Sign With French Bulldog Illustration and White-and-Greenery Arrangement

Vintage Wooden Bar Under Scalloped Umbrellas on a Lawn With Lemon Decor