Fresh-Fruit Floral Arrangement Centerpieces

Purple Green and White Floral Centerpieces

DIY Crochet Doilies and Wooden Slab Centerpieces

Centerpiece with Vintage Jars and DIY Crochet Doilies

Terrarium Ceremony D├ęcor

White Hydrangea Centerpiece

Floral and Bamboo Centerpieces

Coral and Seashell Centerpieces

Nautical Rope Vases

White Candle Centerpieces

The Reception Decor

Blue Coral and Seashell Centerpiece

Ocean-Inspired Tablescape With Driftwood

Coral and Sea Fan-Accented Place Settings

Geometric Succulent-Filled Terrarium Wedding Centerpiece

Baby Succulent, Gold Candle Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Beach-Inspired Driftwood and Seashell Wedding Centerpieces

Tall Crystal Vase With Ivory and Coral Flowers

Rustic-Chic Beach Restaurant Reception

Blue Glass Ball and White Coral Reception Centerpieces

White Lantern and Coral Beachy Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Simple Rose and Candle Beach Centerpieces

Simple Orchid Centerpieces