Beer Pouring Ceremony Tradition

Instead of a traditional unity ceremony, the couple used Harps and Guinness to make a black and tan to drink. “We are not religious at all so we searched for an idea that would be different special to us,” Jill says. “We decided that it would be fun to make a black and tan and each take a sip. To start with you have to have this black and tan spoon that helps create the layered effect of the black and tan, and we forgot that, of course, so we had the best man running around the tiny mountain town of Estes Park looking for this special spoon that none of them were familiar with. We ended up just using a regular bent spoon to make the affect. Strike one. Derek loves beer his favorite is stout or porter (the black). I love the lager (the tan), so we decided that this would suit us perfectly. While our musician was playing ‘Life is better with you’ by Michael Franti and Spearhead, we started making a black and tan. The beer was warm, the wind was blowing and I had to pour first since I was the tan. I have never ever have been good at pouring beer in a glass without a large head forming. And what did I do? Made the largest head possible. I knew I was in trouble so I just started laughing. It was all I could do. He, of course, was laughing, too, along with everyone else, but then from front row I heard Derek’s 92-year-old grandma’s voice from the front row, ‘Sip the foam off! That is what I always use to do!’ So I tried blowing on it and sipping off the foam. Strike two. It was Derek’s turn to pour and when he opened the can of Guinness it exploded and ran all over. Strike three. Derek poured and made the most perfect black and tan. Sips were taken, and we kissed.”

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