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Melissa and Jesse at Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Brewery

A Turquoise Kayak at Foxboro Ranch

Vermont Craft Beer and Signature Cocktails

Custom Brewed Beer Wedding Favor

Homemade Bottles of Craft Beer

Cocktail Hour Backhoe Beer Holder

Recycled Red Stripe Bottle Centerpiece

Brewed Beer at the Reception

Beer-Inspired Hops Centerpieces at City Museum

Local Microbrewery IPA Wedding Table Numbers

Stein-Holding Contest at St. Gregory's Armenian Hall

Custom-Made Beer Favors

Craft Beer Cocktail Hour Beverages

Jolly Pumpkin Brewery Beer

Reception Beer Bar

Vermont Craft Beer Bar

Custom-Made Fruit-Jam Favors

DIY Home-Brew Beer Keg Cart

Tampa, Florida Reception Beer Tasting Station

Craft Beer and Mason Jar Cocktail Hour

Repurposed Beer Bottle Centerpiece Vase