Same-Sex Couple with Black-and-White Dresses

Wedding Party Dressed in Formal Black Attire

White Tuxedo Jacket with Black Pants

Custom Black and White Suit Jacket

Elegant White dinner Jacket Tuxedo

Guinea Feather Boutonniere and Bowtie

Sherri Hill Strapless Polka Dot Wedding Dress

Guinea Feather Boutonniere and Bowtie

Elegant Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Black-and-White Bead- and Tassel-Embellished Bridesmaid Dresses

Black-and-White Tuxedo and Mermaid Gown

Bridesmaids in Formal Black Mismatched Dresses

Black and White Polka Dot Socks

Mismatched White Bridesmaid Dresses

Groom in Classic Black Tuxedo with Puppy

Same-Sex Jewish Wedding at Crossing Vineyards

White Dinner Jacket and Black Vest

Formal Black Tailcoat and White Dinner Jacket Tuxedo

Classic, Black-Tie Wedding Party

Elegant Couple Kiss at Outdoor Wedding

Groomsmen in Black-Tie Attire

Grooms in White Dinner Jackets with Black Bow Ties

Classic Black Prada Suit with White Boutonniere