Bohemian, Wedding Cakes

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Lace Wedding Cake With Burgundy Flowers

Blue Agate-Inspired Wedding Cake

Rustic Buttercream Cake with Rustic Teal Cake Stand

White, Tiered Wedding Cake and Piece Cut Out on a Plate

Bohemian Three-Tier White Wedding Cake With Orange and Green, Topper

Bride and Groom During Cake Cutting

Simple White Two-Tier Wedding Cake Decorated With Colorful Flowers

Simple Three-Tier Wedding Cake on Table with Taper Candles

Pastel Flower-Topped White Wedding Cake

Simple Wedding Cake and Dessert Table

Two-Tier Mostly-Naked Wedding Cake With Fresh Orange, Coral and Pink Flowers Descending

Single-Tier Multi-Colored "Fuzzy" Wedding Cake in Blue, Brown, Orange and Pink

Unique Two-Tier Wedding Cake With Frosting Simulating Large Flower Petals Rising Up Over Cake, Neutrals

Bride and Groom Cutting Into Wedding Cake Under String Lights

Boho Wedding Cake With Dream Catcher Details

Tiered Geometrical Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake With Gold Accents

Bride and Groom Making Silly Faces Next to Single-Tier Colorful Cake

Bride and Groom Cutting Old-School Single-Tier White Wedding Cake, Real Flowers

Casual, Funfetti Wedding Cake With Paper Cacti, Sun and Layers

Simple, Three-Tiered White Cake With Gold Details and Flower Accents

A Simple Tiered Wedding Cake with Blue and Copper Detailing

Simple Wedding Cake and Desserts