Bohemian, Wedding Desserts

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Four-Tier Wedding Cake With Panels in Shades of Pink, Designs and Fresh Flowers

Double-Exposed Shot of Single-Tier, Heart-Shaped White Wedding Cake, Flowers

Picture Frames Hanging Over Dessert Table

Norwegian Kransekake with Flags

Ombre Purple Cookie Favor with Gold Frosting

Milk and Cookie Dessert Table

Cookie Wedding Favor with Portrait Illustration

Macrame-Inspired Boho Wedding Cake with Cake Topper

Custom and Unique Bell Escort Card Display and Four-Tier Clay-Toned Cake

Two-Tier Wedding Cake With Banana Leaf Wrapped Around Top Tier, Tropical

Cotton Candy Station During Wedding at Saddle Wood Farms in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Casual Pie Display with Calligraphy Cards

Rustic Dessert Table with Boozy Pies

Coral-Colored Croquembouche

Mixed Doughnut Table

Donut Stack Dessert Station

Guests Enjoyed a Spread of Mini Apple, Pecan and Pumpkin Pies

Bohemian Style Dessert Table with Various Pies

Modern, Bohemian Fondant Wedding Cake with Gold Details

Round Tiered Cake with Textured Mismatched Layers

Dessert Table of Blueberry Mint Panna Cotta

Colorful Signature Popsicles

Donuts and Pies—Wedding Cake Alternatives