Brandi & Jeff: A Traditional Wedding in Seattle, WA

Bold accents of purple added a modern edge to this traditional wedding. The Bride Brandi Griswold, 28, hairstylist The Groom Jeff Buckley, 30, project manager The Date September 3 What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? Not in the case of Brandi Griswold and Jeff Buckley. The two met in Sin City in 2003; she was there for a bachelorette party, while he was there for a guys' weekend. One morning, while Brandi was waiting for the pool to open, a couple of guys struck up a conversation with her, asking where she was from. When she said she lived in Boston, the guys mentioned that their friend Buckley also lived there. Later on that day, as Brandi's friends joined her and more guys showed up to hang out with the few she’d met, she noticed a cute boy in green shorts. Just as she was about to let her friends know she wanted to meet him, the group of guys introduced her to Buckley -- who just happened to be the one wearing green shorts. Brandi and Jeff hit it off, hanging out the rest of the night, and Jeff asked for her number. He called when the two were back in Boston and proposed a year later with a bottle of champagne in South Beach, Miami.