Brown and Blue Wedding in Denver, Colorado

While eHarmony considered them a match, Jamie wasn’t sure that Haley would be interested in a second date. They met at the dog park on a hot, sunny day after Haley had been awake for 30 hours. Jamie mistook Haley’s exhaustion for disinterest, but was thrilled when they actually met again. Their second date led to a third, and soon they were spending all of their free time together. The Bride Haley Gallup, 29, resident physician The Groom Jamie Hutting, 36, director of vendor management The Date may 31 The couple dated for a year-and-a-half before Jamie proposed. He took Haley out for a romantic dinner and when they got home later, he pretended to drop something. Jamie then got down on one knee and pulled a ring out from under the couch. “I was completely surprised!” said Haley