A Rustic Fall Vineyard Wedding at Arilds Vineyard in Arild, Sweden

Catharina Callert (32 and in arts and cultural production) and Goran Callert (26 and in construction) met at a nightspot visiting friends—twice, in different Swedish cities, and completely by coincidence. Though they were living in different locations, they went on an impromptu road trip to France and got to know each other during the holiday. Eventually, Goran moved to be with Catharina and proposed on a cold and windy weekend trip in Molle. The couple’s vision for the wedding was rustic, intimate and autumn-inspired. They chose to be married at Arilds Vineyard, a rustic Swedish winery in Southern Sweden where the couple lives. On the wedding day, there was a cool mist that lay over the vines in the cultures, and the air was crisp with hints of autumn.The couple had a civil ceremony outdoors by the vines, and afterwards moved indoors for a tour of the winery and a special tasting of its sparkling wine. An intimate dinner reception followed, with harvest-inspired decor and menu options and an accompaniment of Arilds Vineyard own white wine. A live band played personal versions of the couple’s favorite songs throughout the evening for a festive, memorable touch.