Casey & Clay: An Outdoor Wedding in Malibu, CA

Office romances aren't always dangerous territory -- just ask Casey and Clay. The couple met at work, and got to know one another better while setting up a snowboarding trip to Mammoth with a few coworkers. Those plans quickly led to plans for a first date. The Bride Casey Corbridge, 29, television advertising buyer The Groom Clay Peterson, 32, advertising account executive The Date September 20 For the proposal, Clay told Casey that he'd made arrangements for a romantic dinner at BeauRivage Restaurant to celebrate his new job. While they were on their way to the restaurant, Clay's brother called him pretending to be the restaurant maitre d’ and left a message saying their reservation had been pushed back. Clay had conveniently left some wine in his truck, so he grabbed it and asked Casey to walk down the beach to kill time. It was there that he popped the question! After the proposal, they went to BeauRivage where both of their families were waiting to celebrate