Caterer's Grill and Oven at Backyard Wedding

Caterer's Grill and Oven at Backyard Wedding


Choco Taco Ice Cream on Ice

Fresh Poke for Reception Dinner Menu

Paella at Reception Buffet

Tart Passed Bites

Proscuitto-Wrapped Apple Passed Appetizers on Wood Platter

Personalized Flavored Popcorn Snack

Passed Grilled Cheese Squares

Bread and Cheese Cart for Cocktail Hour

Couple at In-N-Out for Late-Night Snacks

Casual Passed Appetizers

Oyster Shuckers at Cocktail Hour

Pride-Themed Welcome Bag with Local Candy and Snacks

Modern and Colorful Salads at Reception

Cocktail Hour Snacks of Samosa Cookies and Coconut Porter

After-Dinner Doughnut Cart

Monogrammed Popcorn Bags

Buffet with White Dishes and Silver Flatware

Scones, Biscuits and Passed Brunch Appetizers

Black and White Personalized Napkins

Mini Takeout Boxes with Dumplings

Chalkboard Sign at Cocktail Hour

Vintage Food Truck at Outdoor Reception