Cathy & Carey: A Red Wedding in Snoqualmie, WA

A romantic and unexpected proposal lead to Cathy and Carey's joyful, colorful wedding celebration in the Washington countryside. THE BRIDE Cathy Chang, a teacher THE GROOM Carey Lee, a dental sales representative THE DATE July 27 Carey was going on a business trip. That was nothing unusual, and neither was the fact that he had provided his girlfriend, Cathy, with a copy of his itinerary as she dropped him off at the airport. The strange thing was that as soon as Cathy drove away, Carey climbed into a friend's car, and left the airport. What Cathy now calls the covert operations had begun. The next day, Cathy headed for a weekly meeting at the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship church, where she and Carey both serve on the worship team and where they first met. But when Cathy stepped into the church, all the lights were off. The sanctuary was lit entirely by candles, and there was a rose-petal path that led to a chair where Cathy was instructed to sit and watch a video called A Blessed Life. It was a collection of photographs and interviews with Cathy's family and friends, painstakingly created by Carey and a friend. Forty-five minutes (and a whole box of tissues) after the video began, Carey appeared, bent down on one knee, and proposed.