Cathy & Daniel: A Formal Wedding in New York City, NY

It took a few tries for former Princeton students Cathy and Daniel to connect. After meeting through mutual friends, Daniel invited Cathy to a swing dance. Being neither interested in dancing nor Daniel, Cathy declined. Daniel persisted and asked Cathy to a dinner party. The Bride Cathy Shu, 26, medical student The Groom Daniel Peng, 24, software engineer The Date October 4 Cathy showed up with her friends and, since there was only one open seat near Daniel, they sat away from him. Eventually, Cathy decided to give Daniel -- and swing dancing -- a shot, and they started taking lessons together. That led to a three-and-a-half-year relationship. A snowstorm ruined Daniel's proposal idea to pop the question on their old campus, so the two went out for sushi instead. While Cathy was in the bathroom, Daniel slipped an engagement ring in her napkin.