Cathy & Keith: A Traditional Wedding in Dallas, TX

After meeting while wandering around an Amsterdam museum, Keith asked Cathy if she’d like to go get a drink. Though she wouldn’t normally be inclined, Cathy took a chance and said yes. Keith was over for the weekend from England, while Texas-born Cathy was finishing up two years of working in Germany. The Bride Catherine (Cathy) Wilmeth, 32, director of storage business The Groom Keith Taylor, 32, director of storage business The Date March 31 The two dated across Europe for a while, and then when Cathy was set to move back to the U.S., she took a “huge leap of faith” and decided to move to Britain to be with Keith. “I’m glad I did because here we are,” she says. Now both 32 and directors of their own storage business, the couple traveled back to the bride’s home state to wed.