A Bright and Boisterous Beach Wedding at The Cape in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

During the middle of the pandemic, many sought entertainment and solace online. This was true for Darsie Williams Maddox and Alex Maddox, whose love s

During the middle of the pandemic, many sought entertainment and solace online. This was true for Darsie Williams Maddox and Alex Maddox, whose love story began on Bumble in November 2020. Darsie recalls the instant she met Alex, "It just felt like meeting an old friend!" This sentiment laid the foundation for an incredible bond. "From there, there was no stopping once it started," Darsie reminisces about the rapid progression of their relationship. Within a month, they were living together and were engaged just ten months after their first virtual hello. Their whirlwind romance was a testament to their unbreakable bond. Reflecting on the journey, Darsie aptly describes their journey as "a relationship caught on fire."

The bride and groom elected to go with "a surf theme, given the location - surf break at The Cape" and an earthy color palette of sage, champagne and browns that mirrored the natural beauty surrounding them. They dreamed of an event that felt as effortless and charming as a spontaneous beach party, yet as memorable and magical as their love story.

Their planner embraced their vision wholeheartedly. She infused every detail with subtle nods to salt and sand, transforming the venue into a coastal paradise that felt both intimate and infinite. From the seating chart on Mexican tiles to lanterns that seemed to cradle the light of the setting sun, each element reflected the sea and the shore. One of the most touching personal elements was a sign that coyly stated, "Let's see how we feel tomorrow," a humorous nod to the couple's first date. The bride tells, "It was such a cute touch to the decor," capturing the essence of their playful and profound connection.

When it came to fashion, Darsie knew she wanted something that screamed Mexico, chic, young, fun—a dress that captured the essence of the moment, something she "could never wear again." The Chosen by Kyha Millie Skirt with Bandeau top was the embodiment of all these desires. Her unique choice perfectly complemented the relaxed yet refined atmosphere of their beachside celebration.

As the wedding day dawned, guests gathered on the balcony ceremony locale, feeling the gentle sea breeze. They were greeted by a view that stretched infinitely, where the sky met the ocean in a dance of blues and greens. Fragrant blooms paved the path for Darsie, gathering at her feet as she made her way down the aisle, a radiant vision against the backdrop of the shore.

The ceremony was a heartfelt affair, one that started with a delay due to the weather, adding to the suspense and emotion of the moment. "The most special moment of my wedding day was our ceremony, which started 30 minutes late to wait out the rain," Darsie recalls. Despite the delay, the couple and their guests chose to embrace the moment. "It started to let up as I walked down the aisle to "'Here Comes the Sun.' That and seeing my fiance meant I instantly started crying. I'll remember that moment forever!"

Following the ceremony, the celebration continued with a cocktail hour that captured the essence of Mexico. Mariachi bands played under the festive market lights, setting a jubilant tone as guests mingled, laughter and music blending. The reception was a vibrant affair, with tables adorned in colorful china and unexpected details that delighted and surprised. Pink signage brought joy and brightness to the day. Pastel collections of blooms sat atop custom tiles and patterned linens while greenery and woven chandeliers hung overhead. The newlyweds and their nearest and dearest danced the night away while digging into sweet treats and refreshing cocktails.

In hindsight, Darsie offers pearls of wisdom to couples embarking on their wedding planning adventure: "Hire an amazing planner!" Their planner's ability to adapt and reimagine the wedding in the face of a looming hurricane underscored the importance of having a professional who could navigate challenges with grace and agility. Darsie also encouraged couples to "Take a moment to walk away and look at the wedding from afar with your partner." It's in these quiet reflections that the magnitude of the day truly sinks in, a shared moment of gratitude for the love that surrounds them.

Areal Shot of an Outdoor Ceremony at The Cape Hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico
Groom in Green Tweed Suit, Bride in Satin Dress With Plunging Neckline at Welcome Party
A welcome dinner table with a pink floral patterned linen, low pastel centerpieces and arched, hanging lampposts with red and champagne-colored chandeliers on a hotel balcony overlooking the ocean.
Welcome Dinner Place Setting With Burnt Orange Napkin on Pink Floral Linen
Ocean View from Los Cabos Out Into the Bay With Rock Formations and Palm Trees
Diamond Wedding Band, Men's Gold Wedding Band and an Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring
A bride in a stylish two-piece wedding outfit with a bandeau top and a full tulle skirt pairs with an updo with hair pieces hanging in the front and minimal jewelry for her destination wedding in Mexico.
Bride in Two-Piece With Bandeau Top and Tulle Skirt, Long Veil and Updo
Bride's Bouquet of Peach, Blush and White Flowers in a Structure Bunch With Greenery
Hotel Balcony Ceremony With Floral, Greenery Arch Overlooking Hotel and Ocean
Bride With Long Veil Kisses Groom in Tuxedo Under Floral Ceremony Arch, Oceanfront
A tile-themed escort card display with guest names on terracotta tiles and a low arrangement of pastel flowers in yellow, pink, peach and white blooms.
Surf-Themed Guest Book With Stylized Sign For Well-Wishes to the Couple
Tables With Patterned Linens, Low Centerpieces, Dark Goblets and Greenery, Chandeliers Above
Champagne Being Poured Into a Coupe at Reception Table on Patterned Linen
Blush, Light Pink Bar Menu With Tropical Signature Drinks
Bride in Two-Piece, Bandeau and Tulle Skirt, Dancing at Reception in Sunglasses
Bride and Groom Lifted in Chairs By Guests on the Dance Floor
Bride and Groom Cutting Old-School Single-Tier White Wedding Cake, Real Flowers
Double-Exposed Shot of Single-Tier, Heart-Shaped White Wedding Cake, Flowers