This Wedding Artfully Blended Bold and Simple Details at Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, South Carolina

"We met on Hinge after I saw a photo of Jamison's dog, Kaya (who was the flower girl at the wedding)!" Cara Del Duca describes the kick-start to her r

"We met on Hinge after I saw a photo of Jamison's dog, Kaya (who was the flower girl at the wedding)!" Cara Del Duca describes the kick-start to her romance with Jamison Blazick. Being two adventurous spirits, their first date was no ordinary one. Cara remembers, "We met for a day-long adventure in Philadelphia. We ate ramen, walked around the city, and ended at a brewery." The defining moment of their relationship came during a picturesque trip to Italy. In a setting as romantic as it gets, Jamison chose the perfect moment to ask Cara to spend forever with him. "In our hotel room in Positano, Jamison popped the question overlooking the coast, just him and I," the bride reminisces. It was an intimate, heartfelt proposal that perfectly encapsulated their love—genuine, deep and beautifully simple.

The bride, an event planner with an eye for elegance, and the groom, a chef with a taste for the exquisite, designed a colorful, joyful and deeply personal event in perfect step. "Having an outdoor wedding was always a dream, and we wanted it to feel like we were having a wedding in a secret garden," Cara shares. They chose a palette of ruby, shades of green and pops of blue, all nods to their love for the vibrancy of life and nature.

As Charleston natives, as well as lovers of arts and culture, the couple selected the Gibbes Museum of Art for their wedding. The site, adorned with cozy string lights and brilliant shades of red and pink florals, was nothing short of a fairytale setting. They could envision themselves exchanging vows under the cool, serene shade of lofty green trees.

Cara's approach to her wedding attire was a blend of simplicity and sophistication. "I knew I wanted something on the simpler side. I'm not a huge fan of lace," she explains. When she tried on her 'Made with Love' dress, it was an instant connection. "As soon as I tried it on, I felt so bridal." The dress was a perfect balance of sleek and simple with a bit of spice, mirroring her personality. Jamison, complementing Cara's style, chose a custom-made suit in olive, lined with a vintage bicycle print, a nod to his unique flair. His feather pocket square was the cherry on top of his smart ensemble.

The wedding day arrived: bright and beautiful. Guests began to gather under the Charleston sky and the canopy of verdant greenery. Cara readied herself, selecting an apt beauty vibe for the day. "I went for glam waves and a bronzey makeup look for hair and makeup. I got so many compliments on my hair, and it lasted all night!" The bride carried a striking bouquet of bold colors—orange, line green, yellow, hot pink and coral—and a mix of florals in varying shapes and sizes to create artful texture. "I was escorted by both my mom and my dad," Cara details. "And to have Jamison and Kaya waiting for me at the end of the aisle made all of the work to get to that point totally worth it."

The reception was an extension of their love story. "I really wanted it to feel like we were all having a family dinner together," Cara had envisioned, and so it was. Long tables were set and adorned with flowers and candles, creating an ambiance of warmth and intimacy. The checkerboard dance floor invited guests to join the couple, dancing to 2000s hits with abandon. "We also had a watercolor artist paint quick portraits of our guests, which was a huge hit!" says the bride. Attendees dined on a fresh, delicious menu and chased everything down with some delightful treats from the s'mores bar, which saw guests sneaking over for a late-night indulgence, adding a sweet note to the celebration.

As the sun set on the special day, the couple shared their heartfelt advice with those embarking on their wedding planning journey. "See if there is a way to work a planner into your budget... the day is really about celebrating the love and commitment between you and your partner," Cara advises.

Bride With Glamorous Hair Waves, Flowing Dress, Bright Bouquet and Groom in Olive Suit
A sleek and modern invitation suite in light olive green and white with funny, personal language for a museum garden wedding.
Bridal Party Helping Bride Into Sleek A-Line Wedding Gown With Deep-V Illusion Neckline
Groom in Deep Olive Suit, Bride in A-Line Dress, Deep V-Neckline, Colorful Bouquet
Bride in Sleek A-Line Gown, Bold Bright Bouquet With Bridesmaids Holding Train
Cones of Dried Flower Petals for Guests to Throw as Couple Recesses Up the Aisle
Bride With Glamorous Wave Hairstyle Holding Bouquet of Orange, Pink, Yellow, Red and Lime Green
A bride with a bold bouquet of orange, red, yellow and lime green flowers and a glamorous, old-Hollywood down hairstyle of big waves with a groom in a deep olive suit in a museum hallway for their first look.
Bride in A-Line Gown With Deep-V Illusion Neckline, Groom in Olive Recessing Aisle, Thrown Flower Petals
Bride and Groom, Colorful Bouquet, Surrounded By Groomsmen in Tan, Bridesmaids in Brights
A small, simple-yet-colorful single-tier naked wedding cake with orange and white frosting surrounded by bright and bold orange and pink flowers underneath string lights at a museum garden wedding reception.
Long White Table, Taper Glass Candles, Simple Floral Centerpieces, Bold Colors
Live Painter Creating Illustrations in Real Time of Wedding Guests
A Light and Fresh Summer Salad of Fruit, Arugula, Cheese and a Drizzle of Balsamic
Refreshing Summer Cocktails With Citrus Slices and Ice
Bride and Friends, Bridesmaids and Guests Dancing on Checkered Floor Under String Lights
Bride in Sleek, A-Line Dress With Deep-V, Illusion Neckline, Groom in Olive Suit, Funny Faces