A Classic Rooftop Wedding at Loft 310 in Kalamazoo, Michigan

n College sweethearts Kierra Scott (26 and a freelance writer and career consultant) and DeVier Posey (26 and a professional football player) planned a colorful and contemporary wedding using shades of navy, peach, turquoise and gold. Only a few scattered rose petals and candles were needed to bring Kierra and DeVier’s rooftop vows to life. As they overlooked the surrounding Kalamazoo cityscape, the couple solidified their union with a tasting ceremony that incorporated small samplings of cayenne pepper, vinegar, lemon and honey. “The act was adapted from a Yoruba tradition that signifies the hot, bitter, sour and, of course, the sweet elements of marriage,” Kierra says. With the help of her father, Kierra build a custom photo backdrop, while the florist created a show-stopping reception display using hundreds of suspended carnations. Upon entering the loft, guests were handed an escort card on a champagne flute, so they could immediately toast to the newlyweds. Vintage cake stands displayed stacks of salted-chocolate-chip cookies, blood-orange macarons and mini chocolate and salted caramel cupcakes.