A Classic 'The Great Gatsby'-Inspired Wedding at Hotel Vitale in San Francisco, California

For their downtown San Francisco wedding, Alastair Cleve (25 and an attorney/financial strategist) and James Wong (28 and a senior product manager) drew inspiration from Hotel Vitale’s contemporary aesthetic and Alastair’s favorite book, 'The Great Gatsby.' The result was an updated art-deco vibe the couple referred to as “modernist Gatsby” brought to life with a classic color scheme of dark blue, gold and lilac, all softened with white blooms. Everything, from their signature cocktails -- the "Long Island Express" and "The Duesenberg" -- to their custom three-piece suits based on the ones Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire wore in the 2013 film adaptation of the novel, reflected the style and spirit of the roaring '20s.