Celebrity Event Planners Say "I Do" at The Hilton West Palm Beach in Florida

What do two <a href="https://www.theknot.com/marketplace/wedding-planners" target="_blank">professional wedding planners</a> do when they find themsel

What do two professional wedding planners do when they find themselves engaged? Well, it turns out they’re just like us: Brian Kelly and Sean Koski faced a series of challenges orchestrating their own wedding. Yet, amid the twists and turns, they found a remarkable way to realize their idyllic vision. “Making our all-outdoor, no-tent-needed wedding dreams come true was all thanks to our venue,” Sean reveals. Hailing from Palm Beach, FL, the duo curated a joyful celebration at The Hilton West Palm Beach, a locale that enthusiastically embraces open-air festivities.

“We wanted to include everything we love from the events we’ve planned together over the years, all the fun and sophistication wrapped into one BIG GAY WEDDING,” Brian candidly explains. Their distinctive style was captured in their choice of a “classic: white, black, champagne and midnight-blue” color palette, as Brian articulates.

As creators of spectacular events, their guest list shone with big names, such as LeeAnne Locken from Bravo TV’s "The Real Housewives of Dallas" gracing their gathering. Among well-wishers, their friend Jill Zarin, the esteemed OG of RHONY, shared sage advice that underscored the essence of the day. “She told us: ‘Have someone take good behind-the-scenes video and photos and EAT when you get a chance because you don’t get to eat during the party!’”

The ceremony space saw stunning foliage reflective of the Floridian setting. “Once ready to take their seats, guests received copies of ‘The Wedding Post,’ a special edition ‘newspaper’ print: this spin on the traditional wedding program book helps keep things light during such an otherwise very formal time,” Brian tells. The grooms’ meticulous planning extended to every detail, with the aisle adorned with lush imported tropical greenery and exotic white florals dotting the grassy passageway.

The ceremony commenced with a show-stopping procession, transforming the aisle into a runway that pulsed with the beats of Gavin Degraw, Fleetwood Mac, The Chicks and culminated in the electrifying energy of "Ultimate," by Lindsay Lohan. Sean and Brian led the parade—comprised of 30 wedding party members in their wedded best—dressed in resplendent, midnight-blue tuxedos complemented by matching velvet loafers, just as they had envisioned.

In a conscious departure from traditional norms, the new Mr. and Mr. Kelly wove their own narrative, replacing religious and cultural customs with their personalized touch. “We added in a Komos Tequila toast to ‘seal the deal’ after a runway fashion-show-style processional,” Sean smiles.

Following the “I dos,” attendees filed into the cocktail hour space to enjoy the grooms’ favorite beverages from around the world. Guests found their seats for dinner via a 100ft escort card display along gold-and-glass shelves featuring rainbow-colored rosé for them to enjoy along their journey.

The reception proved to be a culinary and entertainment extravaganza. Brian and Sean ensured their guests were treated to a tantalizing dinner service upon seating, setting the tone for an evening of indulgence. Dining tables featured textured or clean linens with low arrangements of white and off-while blooms surrounded by romantic candlelight and chic ghost chairs for each cherished friend or family member. “We stepped into the reception and onto the checkered dance floor to ‘September,’ by Earth Wind and Fire, a nod to our engagement, which took place on September 21,” shares Sean. Their first dance, a choreographed routine echoing the grace of Fred Astaire, played out to the enchanting strains of "Never Tear Us Apart," by INXS. The dance floor remained alive and vibrant throughout the night, thanks to a lively performance from the couple’s 12-piece band.

“Activities for those taking a break from dancing included an interactive take on a guest book with a phone booth to leave a message for us by After The Tone, an adult-approved bounce house, 360 photo booth, standard photo booth and even an option to weigh-in on the live painting by Cherished Rain Art,” the grooms explain.

The newlyweds transformed their expertise into an unforgettable celebration of love and devotion. “No speeches were made at the wedding as we wanted to avoid any reason not to dance ourselves!” the men reveal. 

Grooms in Deep Blue Tuxedos, Groomsmen and Groomswomen in Pale Blue Gowns
Groom Reading Custom Newspaper With Couple's Wedding Information
A ceremony set on a green lawn with black chairs turned inward, making the aisle into a fashion runway, flanked by arrangements of greenery and white flowers leading up to a circular ceremony arch at a hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.
Grooms in Deep Blue Tuxedos At Lush, Tropical Altar With White Flowers With Officiant
Grooms in Matching Tuxedos Toasting at Wedding Ceremony, Tropical Arch
Grooms in Matching Tuxedos Holding Hands, Walking in Recessional From Green Outdoor Wedding
Live Painting of Circle Arch Wedding Ceremony Altar With Greenery and White Flowers
Two grooms in coordinating, Midnight-blue tuxedos and bow ties holding their cream-colored French Bulldog posing after their elegant, classic ceremony at their "Big Gay Wedding."
Grooms in Dark Blue Tuxedos With Mixed-Gender Bridal Party in Tuxes and White Dresses
Elegant Table Number With Textured Linen and Low, Neutral-and-Blush Centerpieces With Candles
Round Table With Textured, White-and-Rose Hold Linen, Ghost Chairs Under Neon Sign
Outdoor Lawn Reception Under String Lights, Checkered Dance Floor, Light Linens on Tables
An elegant wedding reception on the lawn of The Hilton Palm Beach with round tables featuring white-and-rose gold textured linens, ghost chairs, low centerpieces with white-and-blush flowers and a white bounce house as kid's entertainment in the background, all under string lights and palm trees.
Grooms in White Tuxedo Jacket, Black Slacks on Checkered Dance Floor, Large White Arrangements
Bridesmaids in White Dresses Taking Selfies on the Dance Floor Under String Lights, Reception
Three-Tier White Wedding Cake With Gold Hem and Real White-and-Blush Roses
Grooms Performing Choreographed First Dance in White-and-Black Tuxedos on Checkered Dance Floor
Groom in a Bounce House Playing With Flower Girls at Elegant Wedding Reception