A Relaxed Afternoon Beach Wedding at a Private Residence in Folly Beach, South Carolina

Ashley Zeck (27 and a bartender) and Dustin Likavec (32 and a kitchen manager) innocently flirted for six months after first meeting at work. It wasn't until Dustin transferred to a different location that the pair began dating and he proposed four years later during a snowboarding trip. "After spending the day on the slopes, we went back to our bed and breakfast to take a nap," says Ashley. "As we got nice and comfortable, he rolled over with a beautiful ring and nervously asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes and ran around the room like a crazy woman in shock—he just wanted to take a nap." After another two years of planning, the pair hosted a laid-back navy and yellow pig roast celebration with sunflower accents. After the beach ceremony, the wedding party took off in golf carts, headed to the pier for pictures and libations while the rest of the guests enjoyed cocktail hour at their beach house rental. Dustin and his fellow chefs/groomsmen prepared festive seafood and roasted pig menu followed by a surprise ice cream truck appearance. "Everyone from 20-50 year olds were running to line up for the ice cream truck," says Ashley I think some kids even got pushed out of the way by the overly excited adults!" Due to his commitment to the US Navy, Ashley's brother wasn't able to attend so instead the couple had a life-size cardboard cut out of him for photos. "We marched to our own beat throughout the planning process and just did what made us happy," says Ashley. "We clearly didn't follow any traditions and just focused on doing us!"