A Laid-Back, Effortlessly Cool Desert Wedding at Ground in South Africa

Some people meet at precisely the wrong time. When Robyn Pamela introduced herself to Nicci Campbell at a restaurant, both were in relationships with

Some people meet at precisely the wrong time. When Robyn Pamela introduced herself to Nicci Campbell at a restaurant, both were in relationships with other people. "We became good friends," Nicci laughs. Their friendship deepened over time, and as fate would have it, they found themselves single at a crucial turning point in their relationship. Nicci remembers, "Once single, I decided to make a move. The rest is history." When it came time for Robyn to pop the question, she took Nicci by surprise on a romantic boat trip in St. Francis Bay, South Africa. Nicci describes the magical moment: "She proposed in front of all our best friends and her brothers." Nicci adds that the surprises didn't end there, "60 people were then waiting around the corner on the beach with bubbles!"

"The inspiration behind our day was to feel like we were at a beach club or bar in Ibiza—where we share a lot of our fondest memories," Nicci describes of the inspiration behind their nuptials. With a desire for a laid-back and playful energy, the brides crafted a color palette of neutral tones, woods, greenery and touches of gold.

Their eclectic ceremony decor featured a special San Pedro Cactus as the backdrop, Persian carpets lining the aisle, and a mix of seating styles for their guests. Their wedding fashion choices reflected their personalities. Nicci chose a couture WONÁ Concept dress that made her "feel like a rock star," with her friends gifting her Jimmy Choo shoes for added glamour. Robyn's elegant white dress from the same bridal boutique, paired with the contrast of white and silver, showcased a low-and-strappy detail to highlight those "cool girl" vibes. "I thought she looked like an absolute Queen on our wedding day," Nicci beams.

Flowers and natural elements supported the wedding's "effortlessly cool" style from the ceremony onward. The couple's florist designed sensational bouquets that added pops of their favorite colors. The brides said "I do" in front of a towering cactus and their loved ones seated in comfortable, relaxed lounge vignettes underneath umbrellas to keep them shaded from the afternoon sun.

At the reception, abundant candles adorned the tables, and the main table featured orchids, coconuts and brass styling to create a magical atmosphere. Their main table backdrop, embellished with grasses and hand-made chandeliers reminiscent of an undersea castle, was a testament to their unique vision. Each light-toned tablescape sat underneath a tall gazebo roof bedecked with string lights, reflective elements and clusters of flowing grasses.

To set the tone for an unforgettable party, they placed a massive disco ball at the center of the reception area, surrounded by smaller disco balls, while local-made hanging lampshades added a beach bar ambiance. Robyn's creation of a shack-like beach bar, now a permanent fixture at the pair's home, was an exceptionally sentimental touch.

The couple's passion for food and cocktails led to a delightful and personalized experience for their guests. An oyster bar, crayfish roll bar and kebab bar, with Paella as the main course, showcased their favorite flavors. They even named their signature cocktails after their spirit animals, "The Dimpled Wild Cat" (a margarita) and "The Honey Badger" (a gin and tonic). Smoke bombs added bursts of color and beauty to their entrance and photos, creating exquisite memories.

The newlyweds agree: their big day was filled with memorable moments. Nicci recalls the excitement of walking down the aisle and seeing Robyn for the first time in their dresses—a surprise to one another. The cocktail-style party allowed them to see their guests' joyful faces for the first time, setting the stage for a memorable evening. Dancing into the main reception as newlyweds was a culmination of their story, surrounded by raucous singing and heartfelt speeches.

The brides provide valuable advice for couples going through wedding planning: "Enjoy the process—don't let it stress you out!!" Nicci adds, "When it comes to budget, think of ways to work smart. People don't leave your wedding complimenting you on gold cutlery. They leave with a feeling you allowed them to feel, so keep the energy levels high throughout and play upbeat, fun music that gets people excited (not snoring)."

A Bride and Bridesmaids Toast in White Robes on Table Under Unique Boho Chandeliers
Bride in White Button-Down, Shorts Pops Champagne Bottle With Bridesmaids in White Robes
Bride in Sleek, Modern Wedding Dress With Plunging Neckline, Updo on Desert Mountain
A customized, personal signature cocktail menu in white and gold with a quote from the bride for a rustic, bohemian wedding with a neutral color palette.
Bride in Sleek Gown With Plunging Neckline and Unique Bouquet in Ceremony, Umbrellas, Longe Furniture
Bride in Beaded Gown and Bride in Sleek Gown, Ceremony on Ornate Rug Altar, Towering Cactus
Bride in Beaded Gown Kisses Bride in Sleek Gown at Altar, Rug, Guests on Couches
Black-and-White Photo of Brides in Different Dresses Holding Hands at Altar, Umbrellas
Black-and-White Photo of Brides in Different Gowns Holding Hands, Ceremony With Umbrellas
Brides in Different Gowns Kiss With Family, Friends in Neutral, Taupe Attire Around
A bride in a fully beaded, couture wedding gown with beaded tassels and a diamond tiara walks up the aisle with oriental rugs in processional with her bride, dressed in a different, sleek wedding gown with a plunging neckline and a sophisticated updo in a desert setting with cacti as guests throw flower petals.
Bride in Sleek Gown, Updo Tees Off at Desert Venue's Driving Range, Guests Watching
Bride in Beaded Gown With Tassels, Crown, and Bride in Sleek Gown Embrace, Pink Smoke
An outdoor gazebo reception space with string lights in the form of Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling, along with rustic grass chandeliers and disco balls of multiple sizes, all over long reception tables with simple white linens, low and minimalistic centerpieces and candles for a neutral-toned, bohemian wedding.
Long Tables on Sand, White Linens With Minimalistic Centerpieces, Candles and Fruit
Place Setting in Shadows, Minimalistic Plate, Napkin and Gold Flatware With Glassware
Long Reception Tables With White Linens On Sand, Under Edison Bulbs and Grass Chandeliers
Brides Toasting With Friends, Family at Minimalistic Head Table Under Tassel Banner
Brides in Different Gowns Leaning Over Long Stable, Low Centerpieces, To Kiss
Brides in Different Dresses Waving Napkins Overhead With Guests Under Tassel Banners
Brides in Short Pink Dress, Plunging Neckline Dancing on Dark Dance Floor, Guests
Guest With Disco Ball Over Face and Head Dancing on Dance Floor Under Tassel Banners