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Glam Couple Making Sparkler Exit with Guests

Couple in the Lake of Camp Sacajewea in Farmingdale, New Jersey

Nautical Boat Send-Off

Grooms Exiting in Vintage Airstream

Couple Making Sparkler Exit at the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah, Georgia

African-American Couple Making Reception Exit in Luxury, Classic Rolls-Royce

Grand Exit in an Antique Limousine

Rustic DIY Honeymoon-Inspired Exit Sign

Glamorous Bride and Groom Exit in Classic Convertible

Sparkler Exit at the Flying V Ranch in Decatur, Texas

Sparkler Exit on Auditorium Stairs

Couple Exiting in Classic Cadillac Convertible

Silver Tinsel Streamer Send-Off

Festive Sparkler Send-Off

Vintage Rolls-Royce Grand Exit

Horse-Drawn Carriage Exit from Southfork Ranch

Traditional Exit in Classic White Cadillac

Canoe Covered in Fresh Flowers

Streamer Exit at BRIK in Fort Worth, Texas

Tossing Seeds for Ceremony Exit

Couple Exiting Reception with Guests Blowing Bubbles

Classic Getaway Car

Colorado-Inspired Ski Lift Wedding Transportation