Couple Cutting into Cheese Wheel Cake


Boho Camper Photo Booth

Couple Cutting Round, Tiered Cake

Couple Saying Vows at Outdoor Ceremony

Blue Button-Down Shirt with Polka Dot Bow Tie

Seersucker Southern Groom

The Boutonnieres

Wedding Party Celebrating Couple's First Kiss at Ceremony

Southern Tradition of Burying the Bourbon

Couple Recessing at Guests Toss Rose Petals

Mini Pineapple Boutonnieres

Postceremony Second Line Parade

Traditional Exit in Classic White Cadillac

Groom in Burgundy Suit with Black Bowtie

Music from Vintage Vinyl at Reception

Couple Exiting in Classic Cadillac Convertible

Classic Southern Couple with Beer Burros

Pre-Dinner Second Line Parade

Mixed Organic Boutonnieres

Southern Burying the Bourbon Tradition

Couple with Retro Fashion and Burgundy Accents

Nautical Peony Boutonniere with Gold Crab Charm

Couple Recessing at River Market Event Place in Kansas City, Missouri