Courtney & Charles: A Modern Wedding in Anaheim, CA

Ten months was all it took for Courtney and Charles to meet, fall in love and get married. Their whirlwind romance began at a church party on New Year's Eve, Charles' 30th birthday. The Bride Courtney Reed, 28, graphic designer The Groom Charles Jacques, 31, carpenter The Date October 18 He chatted with Courtney's girlfriends, but not with Courtney. Undeterred, Courtney brought him out to the dance floor and at midnight, they hugged. Courtney later got the text, The best part of my birthday was meeting you. Four months afterward, magic loving Charles had a card trick for Courtney. She chose the jack of diamonds from a deck. Then, Charles ripped open a beach ball to reveal an antenna jack—it represented the jack card she chose. Guess what Charles pulled out to represent the diamonds?