Courtney & Dan: A Spring Wedding in Redmond, WA

Being a third wheel can have its benefits. Had she not tagged along with a friend in Seattle for a night, Courtney never would have met Dan. And although Courtney was living in Las Vegas at the time, she knew her feeling for Dan was an instant attraction. She needed to fly home the next day, but that didn’t stop the emails and phone calls; before she knew it, she was in her car driving back to Seattle -- for good. The Bride Courtney Kelley, 23, full-time student The Groom Dan Kroymann, 26, Xbox software developer The Date May 6 A little over a year later, Courtney and Dan were gearing up for the Fourth of July weekend. Little did Courtney know, but Dan had been planning to propose while they were staying at her parents’ beach house. But when he picked up her engagement ring on July 1, his excitement got the better of him, and he couldn't wait any longer. When we got to my parents' house, they were so thrilled about the engagement, Courtney says. We celebrated it the entire weekend. Soon after, the couple began planning a late spring wedding for the following year.