Courtney & Matt: A Modern Wedding in Monkton, MD

Courtney and Matthew (Matt) met at the University of Connecticut. Sharing all the same classes their first year, “we spent many long studio nights together, day after day and month after month,” Courtney remembers. Even after their schedules deviated, the two were inseparable and soon fell in love. After graduation, Courtney took a job in Matt’s Connecticut hometown while Matt went to grad school. The Bride Courtney Bello, 29, landscape architects The Groom Matthew (Matt) Bishop, 29, landscape architects The Date October 7 The two toughed it out long-distance for several years, eventually both moving to the bride’s home state of Maryland. By then, Courtney was “anxiously awaiting the proposal,” she says. Matt knew this, so he knew it would be tough to surprise her. One weekday night after dinner, Matt cleared Courtney’s plate, poured her a glass of wine, and, just as fast, got down on one knee. “Right there in our kitchen!” Courtney recalls. “Needless to say, I was completely surprised.”