A Stylish LA Couple Celebrated Their Wedding With a Cozy Escape to The St. Regis in Aspen, Colorado

"It was a total setup," Lauren Berghoff laughs about the day mutual friends invited her and Jack Winthrop to a beach day in Malibu. Little did they kn

"It was a total setup," Lauren Berghoff laughs about the day mutual friends invited her and Jack Winthrop to a beach day in Malibu. Little did they know, this orchestrated meeting would mark the beginning of a lifelong love. Fast forward to a chilly evening in Aspen, where Jack planned a moment that would forever change their lives. As Lauren strolled to dinner one evening, she passed a gazebo where Jack was waiting. "I instantly started crying and then thought to myself, 'I better stop crying because what if this isn't a proposal that would be so embarrassing.'" Saying 'yes' was the easiest decision she'd ever made. They celebrated the occasion with a dinner, enveloping the night in warmth and joy. Reflecting on the memory, the bride explains, "Aspen is our favorite place and now we have so many special memories there."

With just shy of two months to transform their vision into reality, they sought the expertise of Melissa Andre and her team at MADCo. "We wanted to share our love for this place with our friends and family and make a weekend out of it," Lauren shares. The bride's connection to Aspen runs deeper than their engagement spot: it's the locale of Lauren's family home, which served as the couple's sanctuary from the bustle of LA throughout their relationship. They envisioned a celebration that was not just an event but an experience that encapsulated the essence of Aspen in the fall. "Organic textures and colors were ideal," Lauren muses, reflecting on the cozy, intimate atmosphere they aimed to create.Fashion was key in their day, as unique and carefully considered as the rest of their plans. "I always knew for the ceremony I wanted long sleeve lace," says the bride, recounting the serendipitous moment she found 'the one' in Berta's new collection. The quest for her perfect dress took her on a whirlwind trip to NYC, resulting in a breathtaking custom gown that was everything she envisioned. Jack, ever the classic gentleman, opted for a sleek black tuxedo by John Varvatos, accented with a Gucci bow tie, embodying timeless elegance.

As guests began to gather for the ceremony, the air was crisp, filled with the colorful sights and gentling rustling of fall leaves. The church was minimal in decor yet magnificent in its natural beauty. Lauren's approach to keep the church's decor simple allowed its inherent charm to shine, serving as a sacred space for their vows. The ceremony was a reflection of Lauren and Jack's personalities, intimate and heartfelt, with every detail meticulously planned, from the beautiful florals that "gave an organic feel," as the bride puts it, to the tender exchange of vows that left not a dry eye in the house. "It was the moment we saw each other in the church," Lauren smiles, marking it as the most anticipated part of their day.

The reception at the St. Regis Courtyard was a continuation of the celebration, with decor that encapsulated the cozy fall Aspen feel they cherished. Every element echoed the traditional Aspen elements that Lauren and Jack adored, from signature drinks featuring a couple's photo garnish to incredible antler chandeliers and horseshoe escort card displays. The newlyweds made sure to personalize the day in ways that resonated with their story. Autumn colors bedecked long wooden tables, flanking customized linens and minimalistic menus, reflecting their chosen seasonal aesthetic. The day culminated in an unforgettable afterparty at the exclusive Caribou Club, where the newlyweds and their guests danced the night away, basking in the joy of the occasion.

Looking back on their journey, Lauren and Jack shared pearls of wisdom for couples embarking on their wedding planning adventure. Lauren details the importance of cherishing private moments, "Jack and I tried to plan little moments throughout the weekend to share with just each other." They adopted a philosophy of being the "guests of honor" rather than the hosts of their nuptials: a mindset that allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the joy and love of their special day. Amidst the whirlwind of planning, they remained unfazed by the potential for mishaps, reminding themselves and others that "things WILL probably go wrong on your wedding day, but they won't matter in retrospect."

Bride in Fashionable Shaggy White Coat, Groom in Smart Patterned Jacket
Stylized Action Photo of Bride and Groom in Casual Wear Walking Down Street
A bride in a fitted strapless lace gown with a high slit and a structured corset bodice and detached sleeves walks out of the church with a autumnal bouquet with her groom in a classic black tuxedo as guests threw fall leaves over them.
Action Shot of Groom Leading Bride in Lace Gown and Flowing Veil Down Street
Bride With Fur Coat Showing Engagement, Wedding and Other Rings, Groom in Tux S
A place setting at a rustic fall wedding in Aspen featuring copper flatware, a linen napkin with customized embroidery, low candles and a low centerpiece with pale orange, pale blush, pale coral and white flowers with a minimalistic dinner menu.
An escort card display at a cozy and rustic Aspen wedding featuring cards with horse illustrations and horseshoes.
Signature Drink With Custom Garnish With Couple's Polaroid Photo
Rustic Place Setting With Low, Pale Orange and Blush Arrangement, Minimalistic Menu
Linen Napkin With Custom Embroidery, Copper Flatware and a Minimalistic Menu
Escort Card With Horse Illustration Hanging on Display With Horseshoes
Two-Tier Vintage, Overpiped White Wedding Cake at Rustic Fall Reception
Stylistic Photo of Bride in Modern Makeup, Low-Back Reception Dress, Oversized Cross Earrings
Black-and-White Action Photo of Bride in Lace Mini Dress, Shaggy Shrug
Action Photo of Groom in Tuxedo, Sunglasses and Bride in Shaggy Shrug and Updo