Danielle & John: A Formal Wedding in Newport, RI

Anyone who has ever been to Newport, Rhode Island, knows that what Newport calls a summer cottage, the rest of the world calls a stunning historic mansion set on the ocean. Many of these cottages, built primarily in the Gilded Age by America's wealthiest families for their highly social summer seasons, are now available for tours and even private parties. It was at Rosecliff, one of Newport's original summer cottages, that Danielle Yarmal and John West Jr. chose to celebrate their wedding. Scenes from the filming of The Great Gatsby were shot here, and the couple eagerly set out to re-create the glorious roaring '20s atmosphere and the spirit of Jay Gatsby himself. THE BRIDE Danielle Yarmal, 29, volunteer THE GROOM John West Jr., 36, founder and chairman of a financial services firm THE DATE June 22 Danielle and John are the happy result of a blind date, set up by Danielle's brother and a friend of John's. Danielle was living in Los Angeles at the time, and John in New York, but their first dinner, in L.A. when John was traveling on business, was a huge success. So much so, in fact, that it led to a second date the next day. I took John to the dog park to meet my dog, Goliath, and get Goliath's approval, explains Danielle. Wanting to make a lasting impression before he returned to New York, John planned the third date, a chartered helicopter tour. Four months later, both John and Danielle moved to Boston. John wanted to surprise Danielle with his proposal. He chartered a helicopter in honor of their first weekend together, whisking her off to Nantucket where he proposed with champagne and flowers on a private dock. Then he revealed that they were going to get back on the helicopter and leave Nantucket for their final destination -- a romantic four-day trip to Paris.