Dark Detail Lovers—This Fall Wedding at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum Is for You

There's nothing like pure serendipity on a getaway weekend. Jake Parrick fondly recalls, "We met in Nashville during the 4th of July weekend, and it w

There's nothing like pure serendipity on a getaway weekend. Jake Parrick fondly recalls, "We met in Nashville during the 4th of July weekend, and it was attraction (love, if you will) at first sight." The sparks flew between Jake and Ethan Campbell. When Ethan decided he wanted to pop the question, he designed a fairytale proposal. With the sun setting in Puerto Vallarta and the ocean providing a breathtaking backdrop, Ethan got on bended knee on a friend's balcony. "He proposed right before an elegant dinner at the Elizabeth Taylor house!" describes Jake.

The grooms designed a wedding day infused with timeless elegance and intimate dark romance. With that distinct motif in mind, they crafted a dark and moody maximalist palette and theme, setting the stage for their dream wedding. "Our inspiration was the beautiful city of New Orleans," Jake details.

Personalization became their tried-and-true mantra. "The entire wedding was completely tailored and customized for our guest experience and us," Jake emphasized. Their planner, Alexis Nelson of Uncommon Camelia, worked tirelessly to bring their unique vision to life. Alexis went above and beyond, even securing the Skeleton Krewe—a rarity, as they are a highly sought-after marching club—for a second-line parade.

Fashion played a crucial role in their theme. "We wanted to stay true to the dark and moody theme while also playing into a timeless elegance," Jake explains. As a same-sex couple, they embraced black suits for themselves and the entire wedding party, with jackets adorned in black with burgundy embroidered roses and gold accents. Burgundy suede shoes with gold embellishments and black leather tips completed their stylish ensembles.

The wedding day arrived, and guests gathered in the venue's 19th-century courtyard in eager anticipation of the ceremony. The grooms descended the verdant aisle—lined with golden lanterns underneath string lights, palm fronds and climbing ivy—to an altar sporting an asymmetrical floral arch with deep-toned blooms, cascading elements and an ornate chandelier. Their florist, in particular, left them awestruck. "We LOVED our florist," Jake exclaimed. "The team absolutely over-delivered." The florals seamlessly tied into the moody masculine ambiance and cascading appeal they desired, with pops of blush adding excitement and definition.

Black chairs gave way to comfortable lounge furniture, each featuring a printed explanation of the treasured tradition of second-line bands, along with a handkerchief for the guest to wave upon their arrival in celebration.

Following the ceremony, a memorable cocktail hour commenced. Vintage lounge seating in shades of burgundy and elaborate patterns beckoned guests to relax and savor the moment. Candles and ambient lighting created an intimate atmosphere, reinforcing the couple's vision.

The reception was a grand affair tailored to their aesthetic and vibe, with a stellar band providing the soundtrack to their celebration. The expansive fountain was lined with tea light candles and suspended lighting, casting a sweet glow around lounge vignette installs featuring the plush velvet love seats, sofas and chairs arranged for more intimate chats around vintage coffee tables. Everything down to the food menu and styling was meticulously customized for their event. For dessert, attendees enjoyed slices of a three-tier black wedding bake with gold splatter details and blue, gold and red blossoms complemented by figurines of the newlyweds' sweet pets.

Every element of the big day they dreamed upheld special significance. It was a night when loved ones from all corners of the country came together to experience an exceptional event. Jake and Ethan's advice echoed in their hearts, "Other than that, it goes by fast, so soak it all in." And they did, cherishing each moment of their enchanting, darkly romantic wedding day, a celebration as unique as the grooms.

Two grooms wearing fashionable matching attire--black suit jackets with deep red flowers and a dark outfit--with small boutonnieres.
Boutonniere With Light Peach Rose and Deep Plum, Pale Green and Magenta Flowers
Red Velvet Men's Loafers With Gold Embellishments, Studs, Black Leather Toe
Vintage, Black-and-Gold Invitation With Feather Bow Ties for Two Grooms
A courtyard ceremony with red rug, vintage lounge furniture, Floral arch with deep-colored flowers, greenery and ornate chandeliers at a museum in New Orleans.
Courtyard Ceremony Aisle, Black Chairs and Lounge Furniture Under Trees, Greenery
Gold, Red and Burgundy Velvet Chairs and Sofa, Courtyard Ceremony Furniture
Black Chairs in Courtyard, Gold Lanterns Lining Aisle, Trees and String Lights
Ceremony Chairs With Velvet Seats, Paper Product on Each and Handkerchief
Courtyard Wedding, Gold Lantern Lined Aisle, Black Chairs, Greenery With Vintage Vibes
Trombone Player in Wedding Second Line Band, New Orleans Tradition
Band Members Marching Down the Street, Second Line Band in New Orleans
Grooms in Matching Black-and-Red-Floral Jackets Kiss, Second-Line Band, Parasols
Violin Player at Vintage, Deep-Colored New Orleans Wedding
Classic Guest Book, Centerpiece With Red, Burgundy, White and Champagne Colored Flowers
Red Velvet Sofa With White, Black and Red Pillows, Vintage Vibes
A dimly lit courtyard reception with floating candles lining a circular vintage fountain with small chandeliers over velvet lounge furniture vignettes at a museum in New Orleans.
Black, Three-Tier Wedding Cake With Gold Splatter Patterns, Red and Gold Flowers