A Desert Wedding With Midcentury Modern Touches at the Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage, California

A simple swipe on a dating app can lead to great things. Andrew Rohrlich recalls, "Being the eager beaver that I am, I asked Danny if he wanted to get

A simple swipe on a dating app can lead to great things. Andrew Rohrlich recalls, "Being the eager beaver that I am, I asked Danny if he wanted to get coffee later that day." That coffee date with Danny Lewis marked the start of a lasting connection. "I literally felt sparks fly when Danny walked in, and Danny didn't want the date to end," says Andrew. Andrew's feelings deepened as time passed, and he was sure about his future with Danny: "I knew I wanted to spend my life with Danny pretty quickly." This certainty led to a beautiful proposal on a picturesque beach in Santa Barbara, where, as the sun dipped below the horizon, Andrew made it official after a day of exploring the town. "When we arrived on the beach," Danny reminisces, "Andrew popped the question, and I said 'of course.' We popped Champagne & watched the sunset together."

Both grooms agreed on a laid-back and relaxed affair where they could be themselves and have fun: an event that their nearest and dearest could enjoy to its fullest. Guided by their wedding planner, they transformed a hotel ballroom into a lush, personalized space filled with small details. For florals, the couple and their team created bright and natural arrangements that perfectly complemented the wedding's beautiful setting.

Their fashion choices—namely, their expert fit—were carefully considered. Both gentlemen selected custom-made suits that fit them perfectly and reflected their individual styles: Andrew chose a deeper navy, while Danny opted for a brighter shade of blue. Both grooms opted for dark ties, light shirts and boutonnieres displaying coral-and-blush flowers to create a cohesive look between the two of them.

The wedding day itself was a beautiful culmination of their planning journey. Guests gathered in an atmosphere that perfectly encapsulated their vision of a laid-back celebration. The broken arch under which they exchanged vows, set against the backdrop of rolling hills, framed them in a way that made the moment even more special. "The most special moment of our wedding was our vows. We wrote them ourselves, and they moved us both to tears," shares Danny. Their dog, Oreo, accompanied Danny and Andrew at the altar.

Personalization was at the heart of their celebration, with a custom-made Jeopardy board featuring lavender hues that engaged and delighted their guests and served as an interactive escort card display. As Danny and Andrew reminisced, "Each guest had to find themselves on the board by locating the clue about them. Once they did, they could turn the square to reveal their seat. We wrote each clue ourselves."

As the day transitioned into the reception, the lush florals and succulent centerpieces set the stage for a memorable evening of celebration. Succulent centerpieces adorned each reception table, bearing their wedding logo, lovingly assembled by the couple themselves. Low-and-lush centerpieces showcasing bright florals in peach tones complemented the pale green plates and linens. Dancing and heartfelt toasts were among their favorite moments, adding an extra layer of joy to the day. Their beloved Oreo played a prominent role in decor details, appearing on cocktail stirrers, napkins and even as a miniature statue on their bespoke cake topper.

The day was a beautiful and customized reflection of their love—personal, fun and surrounded by the warmth of friends and family. Their journey of planning and trusting their chosen vendors had resulted in a day that was truly their own. The newlyweds express to other couples in the midst of planning: "Have fun, express your vision to the vendors you're working with, and then trust them to do what they're great at!" 

A Mountain and Desert View of Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage
Colorful Mid-Century Modern, Fun Invitation Suite in Blue and Green
Groom in Navy Suit Helps a Groom in a Bright Cobalt Blue Suit into Jacket
Groom in Bright Cobalt Blue Suit Jacket With Tie and Pink-and-Coral Boutonniere
Two grooms in suits in different shades of blue, one in navy and one in a bright cobalt, with matching boutonnieres of coral and peach flowers walking in a hotel garden during their first look at their desert wedding in Rancho Mirage, California.
Groom in Navy Suit, Groom in Bright Blue Suit With Dog in a Tie and Collar
Light Pastel Lavender Sign With Mid-Century Modern Style, Palm Trees
Personalized Bag With Couple's Initials, Depiction of Pet Dog, Palm Springs Wedding
An outdoor desert ceremony in the garden of a hotel overlooking the Palm Springs mountains with aisle decorations of flowers and a broken ceremony arch with greenery and pink, coral, peach and blush flowers at the altar.
Broken Floral Arch at Ceremony Overlooking Mountain, Coral-and-Blush Flowers
Floral Arrangement Aisle Decor at Desert Wedding, Blush-and-Coral Roses and Flowers
Grooms in Suits in Different Shades of Blue Embracing at Altar, Guests and Bright Flowers
Groom in Bright Blue Suit Reading Vows at Desert Altar to Groom in Navy Suit
Guests Clapping and Smiling as Couple's Dog Stands at Altar With Grooms
Groom in Bright Blue Suit and His Dog at Desert Garden Altar
Officiant at Altar With Groom in Navy Suit and Groom in Bright Blue Suit, Broken Floral Arch
Grooms in Blue Suits Both Break the Glass at Altar Overlooking Mountains, Jewish Tradition
Grooms in Blue Suits With Pet Dog Recessing Up the Aisle, Guests Throwing Petals
Groom in Bright Blue Suit and Groom in Navy Blue Suit, Bright Boutonnieres in Desert
Guest Book Signature and Polaroid Pictures, Polaroid Camera
A custom pastel lavender escort card display board themed like a Jeopardy! board, with trivia questions about each guest and their names on the backside of each tile as an interactive seating chart for guests to find their table for the Rancho Mirage desert reception.
Mid-Century Modern, Lime Green and Lavender Signature Cocktail Menu
Custom Jeopardy! Escort Card Display, Questions for Each Guest, Lavender
Customized Jeopardy! Board Escort Card Display, Guests Looking, Lavender
Small White Base, Patterned Pink Linen, QR Code on Clear Plaque for Photo Sharing
Lavender Pastel Table Number, Mid-Century Modern Design, Palm Tree
Place Setting With Pale Green Plate and Linen, Custom Menu, Mid-Century Modern
Lush Cascading Centerpiece in Shades of Coral Flowers, Greenery on Wood Table
Light Green Charger Plates, Linen Napkins and Custom Menu With Name Card
Custom Cake Topper of Grooms and Their Dog, Oreo, Realistic Figurines
Custom Cocktail Napkins and Drink With Fruit and Custom Stirrer With Couple's Dog
Groom in Navy Suit, Bright Pink-and-Coral Boutonniere Lifted in Chair, Jewish Tradition