Desiree & Travis: A Destination Wedding in Hamilton, MT

Desiree and Travis met while working in the real estate industry. He was one of her clients and continually asked her out. After a year, his persistence paid off; Desiree finally agreed to go on a date him. He took her to Safeco Field on their first date, where they watched a Seattle Mariners game. The Bride Desiree Richter, 32, real estate agent The Groom Travis Defoor, 31, real estate agent The Date September 20 Travis had season tickets to the Mariners, so Desiree didn't suspect anything when he asked her to meet him after work for a game one night. When Desiree arrived, the stadium was closed! Instead, a Safeco Field staff member greeted her and then escorted the couple to their seats. When they sat down, Travis knelt and proposed. She said yes as the scoreboard lit up and read Congratulations Travis & Desiree.