Dessert Tables

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Greenery and Lantern Installation Over Dance Floor and Cake Table, Tented Reception

Two-Tier Wedding Cake With Banana Leaf Wrapped Around Top Tier, Tropical

Double-Exposed Photo of Bride in Mini Reception Dress, Groom in White Suit Cutting White Cake

Vibrant, Colorful Four-Tier Wedding Cake Featuring Pink-and-Purple Designs, Heart and FLowers

A Single-Tier, White-to-Pink Ombre Wedding Cake on Dessert Table With Cupcakes

Five-Tier Art Deco Inspired White Wedding Cake With Silver Painted Details on Hanging, Suspended Cake Stand

Doughnut Bites in Paper Cones

Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony Treats

White Three-Tier Wedding Cake With Artful Edges on Tables Surrounded by Blush Flowers

Bride and Groom in Traditional Teal Yoruba Attire Cutting Cake, Cupcake Tower

Unique, Three-Tier Wedding Cake in Lavender, Faux Cracks, Cascading White Ribbons and Aluminum

Two-Tier, Pale Blue Wedding Cake With Gold Star, Faux Petal Decorations

Brides Surprised by Macaron Display Creating Rainbow and Two Cats, LGBTQ+ Wedding Desserts

Waffle and Bacon Cupcakes at Dessert Table at Rustic Spring Wedding

Dessert Tables Underneath Wedding Tent

Bride and Groom With Donuts in Lieu of Cake

Two-Tier, Orange-and-Pink Wedding Cake With Flowers, Geometric Shapes, Disco Balls

Gold Moon Base and LEGO Starry Night Depiction, Homemade Cookies in Pastel Colors

Fall-Inspired Dessert Pie Table With Different Kinds of Pies

Dessert Table With Small Pastries on Different Level Platforms With Candles and Flowers

Gelato and Sorbet Display With Menu, Flowers and Lemons at Italian Rehearsal Dinner

Cookie Wedding Cake Alternative

Wedding Cake Donut Tower