One Couple's Luxurious Multi-Day Destination Wedding at Penha Longa Resort in Portugal

Kanishka Patel and Rajat Malik's love story began as serendipity and crescendoed in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. "It was a dreamy

Kanishka Patel and Rajat Malik's love story began as serendipity and crescendoed in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. "It was a dreamy escape to Santorini, Greece, where the azure Mediterranean Sea provided a stunning backdrop to our love story," Kanishka reminisces. The proposal was nothing short of magical. "Underneath the warm April sun, amidst the breathtaking beauty of the island, Rajat expressed his love and commitment," she says, her eyes sparkling with the memory. This unforgettable moment was the perfect prelude to their life together, "creating a moment that will forever be etched in our hearts."

As the couple embarked on their wedding planning journey, they decided they wanted a celebration that exuded elegance: a seamless blend of their Indian heritage against the captivating backdrop of their European venue. "Our wedding was inspired by the charm and breathtaking landscapes of Portugal," Kanishka explains. They didn't adhere to a specific theme, but their goal was to craft an atmosphere that evoked timeless sophistication. Every element of their wedding was a homage to their Indian heritage, as the bride is Gujurati and the groom is Punjabi, incorporating vibrant colors and cherished customs.

Their approach to wedding decor was no less meticulous. Throughout the venue, delicate floral arrangements, subtle lighting and tasteful accents created a cohesive and elegant atmosphere that reflected their personal style and vision for the day. Florals were pivotal in all their wedding events, transitioning from Portuguese tile colors for the bridal shower to vibrant pinks and purples for the Sangeet, then soft blush for the ceremony and finally, dreamy lilac for the reception. Each event had its own unique charm, enhanced by the thoughtful use of flowers.

Fashion, for both Kanishka and Rajat, was an essential part of their wedding story. Kanishka wanted her wedding looks to be unique and different for each event. Her bridal shower ensemble, a luxurious lace jumpsuit by Nadine Merabi, reflected a contemporary white bridal look that suited the Italian theme of the brunch. Her Sangeet outfit channeled a whimsical Indian fairytale in a botanical garden, adorned with pastel colors and embellished head to toe with jewels. "I wanted it to be loud yet enchanting," she says.

For the wedding ceremony, the bride turned to Sabyasachi, envisioning traditional Indian royalty in a regal red lengha. "The lengha was handmade to the core and took four months to finish," she recounts, noting how she picked her wedding outfit in just five minutes at the Sabyasachi store in Mumbai. For the reception, she wanted to have fun with a glitz and glam look, dazzled in Swarovski crystals, beading and sequins. Rajat's outfits were custom-made by a Punjabi tailor in Long Island, NY. His attire was designed to contrast with Kanishka's while maintaining his own character and taste. Their carefully curated fashion choices not only complemented each other but also reflected their individual styles and the unique essence of their celebration.

As the day of the wedding arrived and guests began to gather for the ceremony, the excitement between the wedding party and the couple was palpable. The ceremony took place at Nuncio Gardens, against the backdrop of 14th-century walls and a serene bed of water. "One of our favorite moments was undoubtedly the sunset ceremony," Kanishka recalls. The sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the scene as Kanishka and Rajat exchanged vows in a heartwarming, traditional ceremony.

Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a delightful cocktail hour, mingling and savoring the exquisite hors d'oeuvres. The decor elements that Kanishka and Rajat had so thoughtfully chosen came to life, creating an ambiance that felt both welcoming and refined. "Delicate floral arrangements, subtle lighting and tasteful decor accents were used to enhance the space and set the tone for our celebration," Kanishka noted.

The reception was a magical affair. The venue was transformed with dreamy lilac florals and soft lighting. The couple's first dance, set to "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" by Rihanna, was a highlight of the evening. Kanishka's show-stopping reception ensemble shimmered under the lights, embodying her vision of a happily ever after at a beach castle.

As the multi-day festivities came to a close, the joy and love shared by Kanishka, Rajat and their guests were undeniable. "For us, every moment of our wedding day was equally anticipated and special," Kanishka reflects. Their advice to other couples planning their special day is simple yet invaluable: "Trusting your wedding planners and vendors is key to ensuring a smooth and memorable day," Kanishka advises. "Communicate openly with them, share your ideas and preferences and trust in their ability to execute your vision with professionalism and creativity. By building a strong partnership with your team of professionals, you'll be able to relax and enjoy your special day knowing that every detail is in capable hands!"

Couple in Traditional Indian Attire at Penha Longa Resort in Portugal, 14th Century Monastery
Lemon-and-European-Tile Themed Bridal Shower, Blues and Yellows, in Portugal
Bride in White Lace Jumpsuit Walks Around Luxurious Blue-and-Yellow Bridal Shower
Blue-and-Yellow Bridal Shower With Candles, Macaron Tower and Flowers
Yellow-and-Red Luxurious Sign for Couple's Sunset Haldi Ceremony, Indian Tradition
Traditional Haldi Ceremony in Historic Hotel Courtyard, Yellow Decor and Flowers
Bride in Colorful Lengha in Pastel Colors, Embellishments and Jewels, Groom in Yellow, Bubbles
Couple in Golden Basin, Yellow Flowers, Covered in Tumeric for Haldi Ceremony
Groom and Bride With Tumeric Haldi, Henna and Solitaire Engagement Ring
A beautiful bride in a traditional-meets-modern Indian lengha dress with Swarowski crystals, beading and sequins in pastel colors like blush, pink, blue, yellow and lavender, as well as ornate earrings and bangles with a glamorous makeup look.
Round Reception Tables, Light Blue Linens and Colorful, Low Centerpieces
Bride in Pink Lengha and Groom in Navy Sherwani Dancing Under Strobe Lights
Animated Wedding Program With Depictions of the Bride and Groom
Bride in Regal Red Lengha With Gold Embroidery, Jewelry and Glamorous Makeup
Bride With Henna and Gold Bangles and Jewelry, Gold Kaleeras Hanging Off
Bride in Intricate Red Lengha and Bridesmaids in Traditional Indian Dresses
Bride in Red Lengha and Veil Meeting With Groom in Light, Regal Sherwani
Groom's Family Playing Music During Traditional Baraat, Groom's Entrance
Groom in White Sherwani on Horseback During Baraat, Entering Ceremony
Ceremony on Platform Over Water Pool, White Flowers, Floral Mandap in Castle
Indian Ceremony on Platform Above Pool at Castle Venue With Lush Mandap
Bride in Long Red Veil and Lengha Walking Down Reflective Aisle, Chandeliers Overhead
Simple Seating Chart in Black-and-White With Colorful Pastel Flower Bouquet
Groom in Designer Black Tuxedo Twirls Bride in Sparkling, Pastel Lengha Dress
Low Patel Tablescape Arrangement at Reception, Blue, Lavender and Purple Flowers
Groom in Unique Designer Tuxedo and Bride in Patel Lengha Dress Dance into Reception
A bride in a light-toned, two-piece lengha dress with glamorous makeup and statement jewelry cuts her three-tier white wedding cake with her groom in a custom, unique black tuxedo in front of sparklers and a neon sign at their luxurious wedding reception.
Groom and Friends Have the Microphone, Sing at Reception