Disco Cowboys, Prepare to Swoon Over This Retro Wedding at The Addison Grove in Austin, Texas

A chance encounter at a local dive bar in Kenmore, Washington, sparked the beginning of Nikki Lang and Dustin Bowman’s forever. Fast forward to a magi

A chance encounter at a local dive bar in Kenmore, Washington, sparked the beginning of Nikki Lang and Dustin Bowman’s forever. Fast forward to a magical moment at Disney World, where Dustin planned a surprise that would forever change their lives. “He proposed in a secluded enclave at the France Pavilion in Epcot, Disney World, where I used to work!” the bride reveals.

The couple is known for their low-key yet fun-loving nature, so what better place to wed than Austin’s vibrant cityscape? After moving to this Texas hub, they were ready to tie the knot in a celebration that reflected their dynamic personalities and love for a good party. As they dove into planning, Nikki and Dustin “wanted the wedding to be a reflection of our personalities: fun and light-hearted,” Nikki shares. This intention laid the foundation for a wedding theme that was anything but ordinary.

Drawing inspiration from the 1970s era and a disco-chic aesthetic, they chose The Addison Grove for its perfect blend of elegance and versatility. It was a bright April day when the venue transformed into a scene straight out of a retro discotheque. Disco balls, vibrant orange-and-yellow streamers and hot pink signage set a visually stunning stage. Their love for Austin’s eclectic vibe shone through every detail as they asked their guests to don bright and funky attire, ensuring a celebration infused with color and energy.

Fashion choices for the day were kept under wraps, adding to the excitement. Dustin, expertly embracing the theme, chose a smart, brown-plaid suit with subtle orange elements. Nikki, in contrast, opted for a bohemian-style dress, elegantly playing into the retro theming. Both looks were a perfect testament to their individual styles while harmonizing with the wedding’s overall aesthetic.

The wedding day arrived, buzzing with anticipation. Guests gathered, dressed in vivid hues, eagerly awaiting the ceremony. The air was filled with laughter and chatter, setting a joyous and relaxed atmosphere. As Nikki walked down the aisle, the beauty of the moment was palpable, enhanced by the backdrop of bright pink and orange florals. “Florals played a huge part in our wedding,” the bride expresses.

The reception was a crescendo of the day’s festivities. As guests settled in, a unique surprise awaited them. The couple’s videographers had been capturing moments throughout the day, and right before their grand entrance, a projector came to life, showcasing these memories. The video ended with them walking into their grand exit on the projector, seamlessly transitioning into real life. It was a moment of awe and delight. “Everyone was shocked once they realized the video they were watching was of the same day,” Nikki exclaims.

The dance party embodied the essence of a true disco. Neon cowboy hats, a homage to the state of Texas roots, were distributed, and the dance floor came alive under the shimmering disco balls. Laughter, dance and love filled the air as families and friends came together, creating memories that would last a lifetime. “Just seeing all our families come together to party was the most special moment of the day! We got themed props for everyone, and it was so fun to get to see everyone let loose!”

As the night drew to a close, the joy and love that had been evident throughout the day lingered in the hearts of all present. Reflecting on their planning journey and their trip down the aisle, Nikki and Dustin had sage advice for other couples setting out to plan their own nuptials. “To do what YOU want to do and ignore tradition if it doesn’t speak to you,” Nikki advises. It was clear that their wedding was a celebration of their unique love story, unbound by convention, and a true representation of who they are as a couple.

Bride With Bouquet of Orange, Pink and Red, Groom in Brown Plaid Suit, Retro Wedding
A fun-and-funky, retro, 1970s-inspired invitation suite featuring yellow, pink and orange colors and a groovy font for a country-meets-vintage barn wedding.
Bride in Heart Sunglasses Toast Champagne With Bridesmaids in Orange Robes
Engagement Ring and Two Wedding Bands in Ring Box With Couple's Names, Retro Font
Welcome Sign With Bright Colors, Groovy Font, Disco Balls, Retro 1970s-Inspired Wedding
Bride With Colorful Bouquet, Groom in Brown Plaid Suit With Bright Bridal Party
Colorful Barn Ceremony With Fringe Banners Overhead, Wooden Arch With Flowers
Barn Ceremony With Colorful Fringe Banners and Chandelier
Retro 1970s-Inspired Booklets For Bride and Groom's Vows
Groovy 1970s-Inspired Colorful, Translucent Seating Chart, Themed Font
Colorful Cocktails With Lime Wedges and Custom, Personalized Foam Sleeves
A barn wedding reception with colorful fringe banners in yellow, orange and pink colors over long wooden tables with colorful ribbons and candles in between minimalistic centerpieces inside a low-lit barn for a retro-meets-country wedding.
Retro Orange Phone Guest Book With Disco Balls
Retro Photobooth Photo Strips With Colorful Borders
Translucent Bar Menu for a Retro-Meets-Country Cowboy Disco Wedding
Retro 1970-Inspired Table Number Signs, Groovy Font, Table With Candles
Long Wooden Table, Colorful Candles, Minimalistic Centerpieces, Ribbons
Display of Hanging Disco Balls and a Neon Sign at Retro Barn Wedding
A unique two-tier cake for a 1970s-inspired, retro-meets-country wedding reception with different tones of pink and orange, real flowers of varying sizes, ribbons and small disco balls.
Bride and Bridesmaid in Photobooth at Rehearsal Dinner in Retro Attire
Baby in Disco Ball Outfit With Earphones at Wedding Reception
Bride and Bridesmaid in Cowboy Hats Dancing at Retro Country Rehearsal Event
Retro, Colorful Dessert Table With Bright Cake, Cookies and Disco Balls