After-Dinner Doughnut Cart

Individual Pies for Dessert

Star Trek–Themed Appetizers

Synchronized Swimmers at Tented Wedding Reception

Entertainers in All-White Outfits

Dancing Entertainers at Reception

Traditional Bagpipe Musician at Reception

Wedding Woodland Nymphs

Dim Sum Station at Cocktail Hour

Scones, Biscuits and Passed Brunch Appetizers

Drag Queens at Cocktail Hour

Nautical Candy Bar with Starfish and Netting

DIY Trail Mix Bar

Tiered Cheese Wheel Cake

Alternative Savory Cheese Cake Display

Live Painter at Reception

Ice Cream Cookie Bar Fixings

Mini Takeout Boxes with Dumplings

Simple Table Setting With Olive Sprigs

Popcorn Ball Snacks

Entertainers in White Gowns on Stilts

Vegetables in Tiered Terra-Cotta Pots

Miniature Bagel Bite Appetizers