White Converse Sneakers Embellished with Bride's Initials

Beaded Bridal Sandals

Glittery Champagne-Colored Bridal Flat Shoes

Bright Red Pumps

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida White Wedding Shoes

DIY Green Bridal Heels

Vintage-Inspired Shoes

White Sneaks With Painted Sunflowers

Tiffany Blue Bridal Heels

Inspirational Saying TOM Wedding Shoes

Casual Summer Wedding Sandal

Gold Studded Heels

Blue "Doctor Who" Bridal Shoes

Purple Wedding Shoes

Box of Flip Flop Favors

Champagne Jessica Simpson Ballet Bridal Flats

DIY Maryland Flag Painted Bridesmaid Heels

Yellow Scalloped Heels & DIY Bouquet