Dori & Jason: A Modern Wedding in Fort Worth, TX

When Dori and Jason first met, Dori was working as a receptionist at a local gym. Jason had come in for a workout but instead wound up talking to Dori for a solid hour. When he called that night just before closing, Dori didn’t recognize him and told him to phone back tomorrow! “About 30 second after we hung up I realized who he was and had to beg my manager to pull his phone number from the files,” she remembers. She called Jason right back, and they had their first date that night. The Bride Dori Boone, 23, law student The Groom Jason Costantino, 24, law student The Date March 3 A year and a half later, the two were on a trip to Austin when Jason asked Dori if she wanted to exchange Christmas gifts early. It was then that Jason surprised Dori by asking her to marry him. “He finally had to ask me if my crying was a yes or a no, but of course it was a yes,” she says.