An Eclectic DIY Wedding at the Grass Room in Los Angeles, California

“An elder millennial tale as old as time; we met on Tinder in 2014,” tells Liz Kelso. She and Brian Baeza’s romance grew steadily, hitting a major mil

“An elder millennial tale as old as time; we met on Tinder in 2014,” tells Liz Kelso. She and Brian Baeza’s romance grew steadily, hitting a major milestone in 2022. Brian proposed in a setting as breathtaking as their love for each other. Liz reminisces, “We were engaged in September in Cozumel, Mexico, on a rocky cliff near a beachside bar that was the only thing for miles around,” encapsulating an idyllic moment frozen in time, kicking off a new chapter in their lives, starting with planning a wedding fully infused with personality.

The couple elected to have their nuptials unfold against the eclectic backdrop of Los Angeles’ Grass Room. This unique venue is a harmonious blend of abstract ’70s decor, verdant greenhouse vegetation and a bold color palette. “Brian and I did a lot of this wedding ourselves,” Liz recounts, emphasizing their desire for a celebration that was not only cost-effective but also a true expression of their personalities. The bride and groom were drawn to the Grass Room for its intrinsic charm, which Liz described as having “so many colorful and funky elements that I loved.” It was this love for color and maximalism that set the tone for their fun and irreverent vibe.

The couple’s dedication to DIY and personalization was evident in every aspect of their wedding decor. Liz took on the monumental task of creating all the flowers for the tablescapes herself, a decision born from a desire to save money and a knack for crafting. “I opted to use all dried flowers so I could pre-arrange them weeks in advance and not have to stress about it in the days right before the wedding,” she explains. This meticulous planning extended to the hand-cut napkins made from cotton fabric, which added a splash of color to the tables without the price tag of rental options.

The fashion choices for their big day were equally thoughtful. Liz’s journey to finding her wedding dress wasn’t what she’d hoped. “The experience of shopping for a traditional wedding dress from a boutique was alienating and frustrating for me,” she shares. “I had coveted a particular sequined dress from ASOS, but it was sold out for months. I had set alerts on Poshmark to alert me if anyone was reselling theirs, and I was getting nervous I would have to find something else when it was restocked!” In contrast, Brian’s suit was a custom creation from Indochino, which he found to be an “awesome experience.” Together, their outfits were a reflection of the unique flair of their wedding day.

The ceremony itself was a magical affair, set in front of lush palm trees and bird of paradise plants, with a dazzling disco ball installation casting shimmering lights across the greenhouse. The couple shared a first look with their pup, Biscuit, marking the start of a day filled with love and laughter. As the day progressed, guests were treated to a cocktail hour curated by Brian, featuring playlists of their favorite artists, and a reception adorned with Liz’s DIY decor, from the retro-inspired signage to the colorful dried floral bouquets.

One of the most memorable features of the reception was the film screening wall, which served as both a seating chart and a backdrop for a slideshow of their journey together. “We loved the way the projector seating chart and photo slideshow turned out,” Liz remarks.

As the night drew to a close, the couple shared dances under the dazzling glow of the disco ball, surrounded by friends and family. “We had a large cardboard cutout of our dog made so that it could be used as a prop in the Photo Booth and on the dance floor,” shares the bride.

Reflecting on their wedding day, Liz and Brian felt a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunity to celebrate their love uniquely and meaningfully. Their advice to other couples planning their weddings was heartfelt and straightforward: “Don’t let social media or traditions and trends influence you into spending more than you’re comfortable with or doing things just for the sake of doing them.” They emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself and embracing the unique quirks of each love story.

Colorful Bohemian Dried Bouquet of Coral, Blue, Pink, Orange and Red Flowers
Groom in Navy Suit With Floral Pattern Tie, Orange Pocket Square and Bright Boutonniere
An installation of tiered disco balls risen above the aisle in a lush greenhouse filled with green plants and trees at an alternative venue in Los Angeles.
Groomsmen Walking Couple's Small Pet Dog Down the Aisle, Guests Greeting Him
Bride in Sequin Gown, Groom in Navy Suit With Two Co-Officiants at Greenhouse Altar
Custom Vow Book, Retro-Inspired Held By Bride in Sequin Dress
Bride With Colorful, Warm-Toned Bouquet and Groom in Navy Suit Recess Greenhouse Aisle
A bride in a long-sleeve, v-neck sequin gown and wavy down hairstyle with a bright, warm-toned bouquet with orange, red, yellow, pink and blue flowers with her groom in a navy suit and bright boutonniere and pocket square standing with their dog in a mini tuxedo shirt.
Bride With Warm-Colored Bouquet and Groom in Navy Suit, Floral Tie at Industrial Venue
Table of Cameras, Old-School Landline Phone and Photos
Roasted Chicken With Veggies and Cilantro Family-Style Meal in Cast Iron
Retro-Inspired Bar Menu and Customized Match Boxes
Long Tables With Low Funky Centerpieces, Dyed Cattails and Pastel Linen Napkins
DIY Welcome Sign in Blush and Peach With Lightly Retro Vibes
Long wooden reception tables with low candles and low centerpieces in bright vases with yellow, pink, orange and red dyed flowers in an indoor space with artful floral illustrations going up the wall.
Funky Table Number in Peach, Pink, Blush and Turquoise With Colorful Flowers
Three-Tier White Wedding Cake With Custom Name Topper and Dyed Flowers
Polaroid Photo Guest Book With Cameras, Framed Photos and Candles
Bride and Friend Hold Cardboard Cutout of Couple's Dog as Photo Prop
White, Tiered Wedding Cake and Piece Cut Out on a Plate
Bride With Bright Bouquet and Groom in Navy Suit in Sunglasses By Greenery and Palm Tree