Eco-Friendly Weddings


Sapling Wedding Favors

Rosemary Wedding Bouquet

The Ceremony Decor

Eco-Friendly Invitation with Botanical Illustration

Thrifted Mug Favor Wall

Sustainable Flatware with Menu and Black Napkin

Hand-Lettered Chalkboard Compost Sign

Classic Programs in Vintage Tobacco Box

Local Floral Centerpieces

The Centerpieces

Savannah Botanical Garden Wedding Ceremony Featuring a Bride, Pond, and Flowers

Guests Took Home Sustainably Made and Eco-Friendly Favors

Vintage Saddle Shoes with Floral Cuff Bracelet

Sustainable Dinnerware and Flatware with Herb Sprig

White Floral Wedding Invitations

Baby With Flower Crown

The Ceremony Decor

Couple Kisses During Bubble Grand Exit

Bouquet with Faux Flowers for Wedding at Riverbed Farms in Anaheim, California

Couple Recessing at the Beaver Train Station in Pennsylvania

Vintage Potted Plant Centerpiece

Clothespin and Carnation Ceremony Garland

Outdoor Pagoda and Fountain