Ede & Morgan: A Traditional Wedding in Santa Fe, NM

Ede and Morgan’s moms met on a trip to Switzerland and became best friends when the two were just 17. Ede had always had a big crush on Morgan, but as she puts it, he was too cool to notice her. After college, they ended up in Washington, D.C., reconnected, and became great friends. As friends, they decided to travel around the world together for four months, and as Ede explains, they fell in love somewhere between India and Laos. The Bride Ede, 27 The Groom Morgan, 27 The Date September 5 Morgan proposed on Ede’s birthday, just two months after they had returned from their international adventure. After she had opened all of her presents, Morgan said that he had one more for her. He handed her a photo album filled with pictures of them through the years. There was a heartfelt note on the last page, and after Ede read it, Morgan proposed. The next evening Morgan surprised Ede by flying their parents into town to celebrate.