An Elegant Garden Wedding at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

April Curry, 27, a nurse, and Michael Dalicandro, 31, an independent contractor, were both at the A.M.S. Club in Greensburg, Pennsylvania when they first saw each other. Over the next six months after initially meeting, April and Michael occasionally met up and soon discovered their strong feelings for each other. Over a year later after they started to date, Michael proposed to April on Christmas Eve in their newly purchased home. The couple chose Phipps Conservatory for their ceremony and reception venue, with an outdoor garden space for the ceremony and a special events hall for the reception. Brianna fell in love with a silk lace gown by Rania Hatoum that she found at Glitter & Grit, a small boutique in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania. Shortly before the wedding day, April and Michael discovered they had a sunflower theme they didn't even intend to have. "I didn't realize it until really the week before, but there were flowers everywhere," April recalls. "Our centerpieces were two wildflower vases with a lantern, with flowers etched out of the top. Our favors were wildflower seed bombs for our guests to take home and "Spread the Love." Even myself, the bride, had flowers on my head and in my hands!"