Elisha & Tanner: A Country-style Wedding in Sedalia, MO

Elisha Thompson and Tanner Freiburg followed up an elegant, colorful outdoor wedding with a reception full of delicious surprises and clever details. The Bride Elisha Thompson, 26, art teacher The Groom Tanner Freiburg, 24, insurance salesman The Date June 18 While on a hike through the woods with their English bulldog Louie, Elisha and Tanner found themselves at the base of a lovely waterfall (who would have thought...in Quincy, IL? the bride laughs). Tanner seized the moment and dropped to one knee to propose -- and then Louie seized the moment for a little swim in the stream. Unfortunately, English bulldogs aren't very strong swimmers, and Tanner ended up jumping into the water to rescue their dog. I knew then that it was a moment I would always remember, Elisha jokes.